As the name of the center suggests, its main figure and director is Joumana Haddad, who is an author, a journalist and an activist who has been vocal and active, for more than twenty years now, in causes and issues affecting Lebanon’s human rights and democracy climate, and youth concerns. The figure of JH already rallies a great number of young people in Lebanon- whether these are women, men, or belonging to vulnerable communities-, from diverse backgrounds, who feel that she represents their rights, defends their basic human dignity, and embodies the modern and liberal values that they would love to see instated or protected in their country. Also, the past parliamentary elections proved that she’s a prominent, credible and reliable voice for the youth.

Evidently, Joumana Haddad is surrounded and helped in these endeavors by a number of expert committees and advisory groups. There is already a large number of volunteers in JHFC who are involved in different areas of the process (branding, social media, development, etc.). The Center also has its own think tank, to keep an eye on the big picture and ensure that the different agendas are moving in the right directions.