Joumana Haddad launches Freedom Center

BEIRUT: Author, journalist and political activist Joumana Haddad announced today the founding of the Joumana Haddad Freedoms Center (JHFC), which is a youth-focused, secular and independent platform looking to inform and mobilize youth in Lebanon for the purpose of the advancement of the enlightened values of secularism, citizenship, equity, inclusion and individual liberties.

According to Haddad, “JHFC will operate as a national, societal, intellectual and creative laboratory intended to support and preserve different forms of freedoms, as well as to strengthen their ethics, uphold their standards, elaborate their functions, and expand their spaces in the Lebanese public and private life, for the promotion of democracy, social justice and human rights.”

The Center will serve as the executive branch of Haddad’s NGO Freedoms Monitor (permit number 1700 – Ministry of Interior and Municipalities).

Haddad argued that Lebanon is a parliamentary democratic republic and a founding member of the United Nations, with the principles of democracy and human rights enshrined in its constitution.